24 Days of Blogmas - Day 1

2:15 AM

Since this is the first Christmas I have had on my blog I decided to do something a little special. I have been obsessed with watching Vlogmas videos on Youtube the last couple of years especially the ones from Zoella, Anna Saccone and Tanya Burr and so today I decided that I will be doing 24 Days of Blogmas here at the Clean F Word.

Normally my blog is all about eating nutritious foods and staying happy and healthy but because I am a HUGE fan of Christmas I would love love love to share with you what i'm getting up to these next 24 days of Christmas fun! Of course there will still be LOTS of yummy Chritsmas recipes being shown and lots of happiness which always helps on the path of good health. So come and join me for lots of fun fun fun.

As today is the first day of Blogmas I thought I would share with you my top ten Christmas movies that get me in the mood for the Christmas holidays so here we go:

My Top Ten Christmas Movies

I can never ever have a Christmas without watching Home Alone at least 3 times! I know the movie word for word and enjoy annoying everybody with my talent!
 Elf is one of those movies that just makes me smile from ear to ear every minute. The kids also love this one so I get to sit with them and watch this even when it isn't Christmas.
 Jim Carrey is one of my favourite actors so The Grinch is definitely in my top ten and I love to sing along with the Who's at the end.
 My ultimate number 1 FAVOURITE Christmas film is Muppet Christmas Carol. Without a doubt! The songs, the laughs, the love........sigh!
Another Christmas movie that gets pulled out all through the year is Love Actually. I can't get enough of this movie and I go all gooey EVERY time. 
 The very first Christmas movie I remember watching. I always watch the Snowman on Christmas Eve and usually when i'm putting the tree up. Melts my heart everytime.
 Cutest Christmas movie I own goes to Miracle on 34th street. I actually told my mum that we should adopt Mara Wilson the actress who played Susan in the movie. I so wanted her to be my little sister. I was also planning on marrying Dylan Mcdermott.
 Funniest Christmas movie goes to Scrooged. I only recently watched this one and I can't believe that I have been missing out this entire time. It is bloody awesome and who doesn't love watching a Bill Murray movie?
 Ohhhhh more cuteness! This one is not as Christmassy as the other ones BUT it is still all set at Christmas time and I watch it EVERY year without fail and cry happy tears EVERY time!
My favourite classic Christmas film goes to It's a Wonderful Life. This movie gets me every time. I love the storyline and the life lessons it teaches us.

So there you have it my top ten favourite Christmas movies!

I would love to hear your favourites so let me know in the comments below so I can find some new movies to watch. Also stay tuned everyday for more Blogmas :)

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane xx

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