Eating healthy while on holidays

11:29 PM

Christmas Day is done and dusted and now I'm actually on holiday with my husband and our friends at the amazing Clare Valley. It is super beautiful up here. This is the first time I have ever been up here and I am quite enjoying myself. While I'm here I thought I would share with you what I have been eating. When you are going away it can also seem a bit daunting trying to work out what you are going to eat whilst still staying healthy. I think of this way........'I am on holiday and can have a little fun' I have still been sticking to my non dairy foods for my health reasons but I have been saying yes to meats every now and then. 


Before we left for our week away I went for a quick food shop. The more you take with you the less you will eat out. We are staying in this gorgeous little cottage which is very much self sufficient so I plan to cook a lot. I purchased a whole lot of fruit including bananas, strawberries, pears, apples, pineapple and a large bag of oranges. I must admit I did get a little upset that my husband wouldn't let me take our blender on holiday with us (we all know how much I love my smoothies) but I will have to make do with bowls of fruit to snack on and for breakfasts. I made sure I had some bananas in the front seat of the car with me so that I could snack while we were driving. The drive was about 3 hours in total. 

I also stocked up on my teas. I couldn't forget them. I bought my ginger tea, chamomile and apple, green tea and peppermint tea. 

We didn't want to plan too many meals as we wanted a couple of chances to go out and eat. I also like to 'wing it' when it comes to cooking. I grabbed the essentials form the shop like my almond and soy milks, soy cheese, honey, vegan crackers, lentil chips etc. we knew we wanted to make pizzas because the cottage has its own pizza oven so we grabbed some vegetables for a veggie pizza and some salami, chorizo and shredded chicken for a meat lovers version. 

I also made a yummy homemade muesli to take with us for breakfasts. I love my muesli topped with fruits in the morning. 

With our basics and fresh fruit and veg we were on our way. I will be stocking up on a few more hits while I'm away but I will share with you a more detailed version of what I'm eating for What I ate Wednesday this week. 

Stay Happy and Healthy and I hope you had a Merry Christmas 
Liane Xx

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