What I Ate Wednesday (holiday edition)

2:33 PM

We are having an absolute blast up here and of course I am trying my best to choose healthier options but still letting myself enjoy while I'm here. Whenever I get a menu in front of me I have been trying hard to pick the vegetarian option, gluten free option or dairy free option but if there isn't a choice I've just been eating whatever just so I'm not worrying or upsetting myself. I'm basically just going with the flow. 

I did have some tummy upsets for the last two days because I actually ordered a hot chocolate from one cafe and forgot to ask for dairy free option. As I haven't had milk in soooooo long my tummy did not like it at all. That was a lesson learned. 

I can already see an improvement from my non dairy eating in the last month. My health is getting a lot better. So I'm sticking to that for the new year. 

Ok back to what I ate Wednesday. 
I woike up to the birds chirping and the beautiful country views and made everyone some of my homemade muesli for breakfast. This one had rolled oats, diced apricots, goji berries, raisins, pepitas, coconut and dates. I cooked that up in a pan with coconut milk and chia seeds to make a yummy porridge which we topped with fresh strawberries and sliced banana. YUM! It was a great start to the day. I also had a cup of ginger tea. 

Morning tea we were at a winery so I let myself indulge a little. I had some absolutely delicious fresh scones but I asked for no cream or butter just some jam. I also had a cup of English breakfast tea with soy milk. We were doing some wine tasting that afternoon so I wanted to get some more food in my tummy. It was Devine.

For the afternoon we went to Skillogalee winery, Penna Lane Winery and Mitchell's Winery I loved all of them but I really loved Penna Lane. They had a delicious Riesling and the lovely lady who worked there made some delicious preservative free relishes and jams so I bought her mustard pickle and mulberry jam! YUM! I also grabbed their reisling for a rainy day. 

For lunch we found a little cafe where I chose to share a focaccia for lunch with my hubby. We had a turkey cranberry one. It was yummy but I much prefer my own toasted sandwiches I make at home because I know exactly what's in it and i can load it with goodness. I also had a freshly squeezed watermelon juice. 

Afternoon snack was a handful of dried apricots and a banana.

For Dinner we had Indian food. Everyone picked a main dish and we just shared it buffet style. I didn't eat a lot because my tummy wasn't feeling great still. I loved the veggie malai kofta and the Kashmiri Naan was absolutely delicious and don't even get me started on the lamb rogan josh........sigh! If there is one thing I love it is curries. If you are ever visiting Clare I highly recommend you visit the Indii of Clare it was lovely and the staff were so nice and welcoming. 

For the evening we played board games and to nibble on I put out a bowl of my favourite Lentil Chips. The Sunset tonight was amazing. You can't see it in the photo but on the hill next to our cottage we can see the Flinders Ranges and I could totally live here forever with a view like that. 

So that was one of my endulgent days. That I don't have very often anymore. But I still try and look out for healthier options while I'm out however still having fun because I'm not on a diet just watching what I am eating. I think it is a good way to think. Stay tuned tomorrow for my New Years Resolutions. 

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx 

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