24 days of Blogmas - Day 4 and 5

4:10 AM

Like before I have had to double up my days because of my sickness but I'll be back on track tomorrow for the rest of Blogmas. Today was a good day as I was feeling much much better. Every Sunday me and the Hubby go out for breakfast so we headed out as normal today to the local cafe (my old workplace). Today I chose pancakes with strawberries and ice cream because it was a crazy hot 41 degrees here in Adelaide and basically anything with the word ice in it sounded good to me. 

The rest of my day was spent doing housework and my favourite........meal prepping!! 

As you can see I was pretty busy. I made some yummy egg omelette muffins half of them were bacon, mushroom and zucchini and the other half were spinach, tomato and spring onion. I put these in the freezer for grab and go breakfasts I just have to heat them up when I want to eat them. 

I also made some easy pikelets to go in the freezer. These guys will be great to throw in kids lunch boxes for snacks or they can be heated up in the morning for brekky topped with fruit and honey......yummy! 

Next up was a batch of cherry and banana oat bars these are the special treat for the week. 

I chopped up a bunch of veg and made a Thai fish curry for dinner and then I quickly threw together a homemade muesli for another breakfast option this week which I stored in one of my kitchen jars. 

A very productive day, I think. 

I even managed to sit down and come up with a new morning routine which I will share with you tomorrow. It includes a new exercise plan and eating plan. Yay! 

Stay Happy and Healthy 
Liane Xx 

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