Blogmas Day 8 - Vegan

4:43 AM

I have been doing lots of reading and researching recently and everything I have been reading on nutrition and healthy lifestyles has been pointing towards the same thing. Becoming a vegan to best maintain the best health. 

I get sick quite a lot and especially have problems involving bloating and migraines. With all the reading I have done I keep reading that eating the right foods is the best way to cure most things. So for the next month at least I am going to attempt a more plant based diet.

I will no longer be consuming dairy and the majority of meats. I will no longer be consuming white rice, white breads and white sugar. I will be cutting down on most sugars and most importantly I will be making as much as I can from scratch. I will also be working on my veggie and herb garden in the new year. 

By the end of my month I will see how my health is going and if it has made a difference. I won't be putting a label on myself as such because I can't call myself vegan when I eat honey. I believe that honey is really good for you so I'm not going to cut that out. I am also still undecided on fish. I'm still researching that. If I call myself anything it will be 'mostly-vegan' haha. 

I will of course keep you all updated. My first two days have been a vegan diet and so far so good. I have swapped my milk for soy, almond or coconut milk. I have had some scrummy salads for lunches. Lots of fruit and veg and I've been making my own sauces.....yum yum yum! And I actually think my food bill will be cheaper. Yay!! 

So that is my update for today :) stay tuned for the progress! And here is a pic of some food I have been munching on last two days! Freekeh Salad with Pumpkin!  

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