24 days of Blogmas - Day 6

1:07 PM

I woke up this morning with a new plan of action regarding my fitness and health. I am now planning on getting up at 5.30 every morning and doing some form of exercise to kick start my days. This morning I went down to the beach with Hubby and we went for a jog. I am trying to get better at running so I am trying out this routine that I found on Pinterest but changing it up a little bit as I go.

First day was a tough one as I am very unfit. I eat healthy but my fitness is absolutely shocking. It was still enjoyable though and I'm not giving up. After our jog session I went home and got ready for work grabbing an omelette muffin out of the freezer for brekky. 

Here is a pic of the beach we jogged on this morning :) I'm so lucky to live so close to such loveliness. 

Stay Happy and Healthy 
Liane Xx

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