365 Smoothies - The First Week

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December has been a very interesting month so far. I was recently given a vegan smoothie book that my daughter thought I might like as she no longer needed it. The book is by Kathy Patalsky and is called '365 Vegan Smoothies'.


Guys, honestly this book is so cool. 

As soon as I flipped through I knew I was in for some fun. I have always wanted to get better at smoothies for my health but I was always running out of ideas or getting over smoothies so quickly. Smoothies are really great at getting lots of nutritious foods into your system in one easy go. '365 Vegan Smoothies' makes this so much easier.

 The book is created around a year long wellness plan and you can use it in a few ways:
- flip open the book and choose random smoothie recipes
- choose just one of the 12 wellness themes (Detox, slim down, calming etc) at your leisure 
- start from the beginning and work through the whole book

I bet you can guess what I chose? 

There is nothing more fun than a challenge so I have decided to get right into it and start from day 1 for a 365 day smoothie challenge. To keep myself motivated I have chosen to use my Instagram account to take a daily photo of every smoothie. You can follow my progress on my Instagram account thecleanfword OR searching the #cleanfword365 on Instagram.

I really appreciate how much effort has gone in to creating this book. It covers all the ingredients and how to prepare and freeze them as well as substitutions and their nutritional uses. There is also a section that includes what tools you will need. 

The first week has been a huge success. I am not a good morning person which often leads to me not consuming breakfast. By having a daily smoothie plan to keep me motivated I am now whipping up a smoothie every morning and it is keeping me going until my mid morning snack. My body feels amazing so far, I feel like I have more energy and because my husband is doing the challenge with me I always get excited to show him the daily smoothie combo. The excitement and Instagram motivation is really giving me that extra boost of confidence which I believe is really important for my overall wellness.

I will be doing a weekly challenge update for you guys on my blog so that you can all keep up with the progress and make sure I'm not slacking off. So please check in on me haha. You can also see if my health is improving. 

Stay Happy & Healthy 
Liane Xx 

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