365 smoothies - The shopping part

2:08 PM

Since I have started my 365 smoothie challenge I have had so much fun. Not just making smoothies and realising just how many different variations you can do, but also shopping for the ingredients.

Shopping for the ingredients has been an experience in itself. Because all the smoothies are vegan sometimes I have to explore where I shop to find certain items. I have met quite a few new friends by doing this. I now go to my local health store every two days and the ladies in there are absolutely brilliant. I get most of my grains and seeds from them and I have just recently started buying some extra supplements and powders through there as well. The store I go to is the Natural Food Barn at Southgate Reynella. The girls are fantastic and not only do they help you locate what you are looking for they also offer some great advice on anything to do with nutrition and health. 

After I grabbed anything I need from the health store I head right next door to my favourite fruit and veg shop Lettuce Inn. Obviously I grab all my fresh fruit and veg but I also grab juices, coconut waters, sauces and my vegan cheeses, dips etc. They always have great deals on and the owners and super friendly and helpful. 

I will then head to Coles to get the last of items if I haven't found them in the other 2 stores as I like to support smaller businesses as much as possible. Coles do have a good range of vegan products which is really helpful now. However from Coles I tend to get my dairy free milks, frozen berries and dry goods. I was buying my nuts from Coles but I am thinking of going over to a local shop called Suntralis to stock up on these as they are a pick n mix type place and I think it will be cheaper in the long run. I will also be able to pick up my dried fruits and flours from there as well. 

As far as costs go, when I first started I thought it was going to be very expensive to have a different smoothie everyday but it hasn't been too bad. If I don't have any ingredients it cost me about $45 but once I have the main items like the powders, frozen berries etc they last ages so you are just spending maybe $20 a week on fresh fruit & veg. 

These Natures Way powders last me for ages and I only buy them when they are on special.  I always have the Maca Powder, Acai and Spirulina on hand. I buy mine from Coles but you can buy from health stores, chemists etc.

I buy frozen fruits whenever I see them on special as well which helps with costs and also things like coconut water and dairy free milks I will stock up on when they are going cheap.

I freeze bananas so that I always have them ready to go. I haven't started yet but I think I will buy bananas by the box because I eat so many of them. I am thinking of getting a bigger freezer because it really is so much cheaper to buy so many things in bulk.

Sometimes if something is really expensive and I just don't think I will use it much I will just substitute it for something else. It is so easy to find different substitutes for smoothies. If a smoothie asks for fresh berries and I only have frozen I will just use the frozen ones and not use the ice cubes in the recipe and vice versa.

From this smoothie adventure and my regular vegan eating I actually spend less than I ever did eating all the processed crap. It takes a little time and money to make the switch but once you have made that switch it is good health all around :D

Stay Happy & Healthy
Liane Xx

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