Vegan Shopping in Adelaide

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Today was my day off from work and we needed a few bits and pieces in the kitchen so I went and picked up my sister who is also a vegan and we headed out to do some shopping. Now that I am living a more plant based diet it is really exciting to find different foods and new places to shop. 

We found a vegan store on Goodwood road (which is about a half hour drive from my house) called Everything Vegan . I have shopped there before but this was my sisters first time. It is amazing in there. You can find sooo many vegan products in there including food, makeup, books, shoes, toiletries etc etc. Some things are a little pricey but most items are reasonably priced and the staff are super friendly. I purchased a few sauces to go with dinners and I picked up some vegan toothpaste which is a new thing for me.

The Everything Vegan Load
 After our little vegan adventure we headed down to Foodland at Pasadena.
Okay peeps! If you haven't been to this supermarket before, you need to go like immediately! This has got to be my favourite supermarket in the world!!!!! (well that I have found so far) I absolutely love it and they have just been given the title of a certified organic supermarket! YAY!! Their organic fruit and veg section is amazeballs and shoppingin there is so nice especially for health nuts as their health food section and organic range are HUGE!

We have decided that we will be doing our weekly food shop here from now on.

I really loved that they now have a section full of jars so you can scoop and weigh your own flours, nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits etc etc it is bloody fantastic. If you still want packets made up though they have them available as well. Because I store all of my items in their own containers when I get home I do love the scoop and weigh section.
The little sister getting her Chia Seeds.

The Foodland Load

After our big shop I came home and sorted all the food items as usual. I chopped all the fruit, placed all the grains and seeds in their containers and started prepping some of the meals for the week ahead. Now that I have rediscovered Foodland and love the Everything Vegan store I will certainly be there a lot more often. I might have to grab some more storage containers now (not that i'm obsessed with organisation or anything) 

Do you have any favourite places to shop organic or vegan?? Let me know in the comments below. 

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx 

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