Valentines Day 2016

1:16 AM

I love Valentines Day! Yes I know it's just a day where businesses profit from a silly day and everyone falls for it BUT I love the deeper meaning to it. I love that there is a day where people take that extra effort to show that they care, yes people should be showing each other all the time but sometimes life gets in the way and a little reminder like Valentines Day to be a little extra special is awesome!

Any thing that spreads love, kindness and affection is alright in my book.

So how did I spend my Valentines Day this year?? I spent it with my family having a Family Games Day! :D My husband and I both had the day off work and both our kids were home so we headed over to the in-laws for games day. YAY! It was so much fun and we are making it a monthly tradition which I am SUPER excited about. I love having family time. 

We were having a late lunch and nibbles for the day so because my husband and I are now vegan we decided to take a big tub of watermelon and we also made some pizzas, one which was completely vegan. The other two had meat on them for the meat eaters but everybody loved the vegan one. YAY! The in laws also had some huge fruit platters........perfect day made!

Obviously being a Sunday, it wasn't just Valentines Day it was also Meal Prep day in our house so there was lots of awesome meals coming out of the kitchen. For work I made up a yummy Honey, Soy and Ginger Stirfry using the leftover veg in the fridge and ramen noodles.

My 12 year old son threw together some noodles as well with honey soy sauce and he also packed up a small tub of medjool dates, doritos and an orange. As you can tell I haven't fully converted the kids to vegan. As they are older I am letting them make their own decisions but they generally eat our vegan dinners etc and they are fairly healthy, but will sometimes have non vegan food items if they feel like it. I would never force anyone to do something they don't want to do so the best thing I can do is just to provide as much education on nutrition as I can.

As far as kids go, mine are pretty healthy and i'm proud.

My 16 year old daughter decided to make up some sushi rolls for her school lunch and I think they look GREAT! I wouldn't eat them because of the salmon but I was pretty impressed with her efforts. She made a big batch so she could eat them over a couple of days. She also took a big tub of mixed fruit including watermelon, strawberries and blueberries from what I remember.

Eating healthy is so easy!!  

Back to Valentines Family Game are a couple of pics I took while we were playing bingo! I was so much fun but I must admit my favourite game of the day was definitely Family Feud. Seriously if you don't have that boardgame yet I highly recommend it. It is awesome to play at parties with teams. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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