Motivational Monday - Meal Planning

10:38 PM

Happy Monday Folks!

Monday's are always a feel good day for me even though it means 'back to work'. I always feel like Monday is the start of a week to come, the start of new adventures and the start of all the organising I have been doing on my Sunday off.

One of the biggest things to be organised on a Sunday is my meal planning. I always find that organising a meal plan makes my life SO much easier to get all the food shopping done and so much easier to eat healthy. Basically being organised is my thing (if you hadn't guessed that yet).
One of the items that I have found makes my meal planning so much easier is this awesome Recipe Organiser I recently purchased from Officeworks. This organiser is so awesome and it even stands up if needed or folds down so you can slide onto a bookshelf etc. I find this guy so good for meal planning because I keep all of my 'go-to' recipes in there. You know all those quick and easy throw together recipes that make life so easy. My organiser is mostly packed with vegan goodies because I tend to just throw things together and if they taste amazing I write the ingredienst down and pop it in.

Every Sunday I grab my folder and a few other recipe books and sit down to make a meal plan.

I normally start with all of my dinners for the week and then based on what I am having I work around them to organise my work lunches. Sometimes I will have leftovers of dinners and other times I use the same kind of flavourings and veg used for dinners to create some lunches. This saves money as well by buying similar ingredients.

For my snacks etc I generally buy the same thing every week......fruit, fruit and more fruit. But sometimes when I have some extra time I will make some muesli bars or gluten free banana bread etc so I write a mini snack list.

Then I finish up with all the breakfast ideas for the week.

Menu plans are a great way to save money and to stay healthy. That is how I keep myself on track with my healthy lifestyle. Another good idea for staying healthy, especially when you are starting out is to keep a food diary. This way you can look back on what you have been eating and see where you have done well or where you have slipped up etc. You can also keep track on your nutrients and find out what you may be missing out on.

Do you meal plan or keep a food diary?? I would love to see how you plan so let me know in the comments!

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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