Motivational Monday - My Top 5 Foodie/Fitness Vloggers!

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Lots of people ask me where I get my recipes or inspiration from and although i'm not a huge fan of technology and I prefer books I do watch quite a lot of youtube videos because vlogs absolutely fascinate me. I love that real people in their real environments can share their ideas and spread so much enthusiasm about being healthy with such a gigantic audience.

Because these guys are always motivating me to get up and go I thought I would share with you all my top 5 Foodie/Fitness Vloggers. These guys are the vlogs I never miss and the peeps that have pushed me to want to become 'mostly' vegan, want to be fit and healthy and helped me on my path to living my life to the fullest (They are not in any particular order).

1. Bonnyrebecca 
I came across Bonnyrebecca because my sister told me that she was watching her and she was cool. I was instantly hooked. I love that she just seems so normal and I love watching her what I ate in a day vlogs. The fact that she is vegan also is a big draw card for me because I love getting different recipe ideas.

2. Jamie Oliver's Food Tube
This series is freaking AMAZEBALLS! I'm not even joking. Jamie Oliver is one of my favourite chefs and just watching him cook is one of the reasons that I really got into cooking. He is just SO damn inspirational and he just makes me laugh. The Foodtube channel is my favourite of his because he not only vlogs his own recipe sharing but he also has other chefs, cooks, celebrities etc sharing their recipes on his channel as well. I love that if I ever need an idea for a recipe I can just go on his channel and find so much inspiration. He not only shares recipes either he shares tips and tricks from how to slice an avocado to how to fillet a fish. I also love when his wife makes appearances on the channel because she is fantastic with family/kids recipe ideas.

3. The Lean Machines
These guys are the newest addition to my favourite vloggers. I found these guys because I watch Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman's vlogs ALL the time and one of the Lean Machines guys is Jim's brother. Jim shared a clip of one of their videos on his facebook page and I decided to take a look and was hooked. These guys get across the importance of being healthy in a fun way that not only makes you giggle but also think more about what you should be doing to your body inside and out. Love them! (I hear they just put a book out as well)

4. Maddie Caines
Maddie Caines is a local girl from Adelaide who just happens to be one of my sisters friends. She is the first vegan vlogger I ever watched. When I first started getting into vlogs my sister told me that Maddie had her own Youtube channel and that she was really good at it. I checked it out and I can't stop watching now. She actually inspired me to get into vegan eating and I love watching her vlogs because she lives in my area so I can so easily check out the places she visits and find all the awesome vegan spots. I also love her channel because she not only talks about vegan food but she is also a makeup artist so you can watch her makeup tutorials as well as just videos about her everyday life.
5.  Niomi Smart
I found Niomi's channel from watching some of Zoella's videos and seeing her make appearances in them every now and then. Zoella is the first ever vlog I subscribed to and I was so hooked it's scary. Niomi is one of her friends and when I checked out her channel I realised how much she loves her healthy eating so I love to watch her videos to get inspiration for staying healthy and getting recipe ideas from her.

So there you have it. My top 5 vloggers and a little sample video of each one so you can check them out for yourself. I hope you get some inspiration from them too. If you have any favourite foodie/fitness youtube channels please feel free to share them in the comments so that I can check them out and annoy my husband by becoming obsessed with even more channels :) 

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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