Clean F Word Challenge Day 10 & 11

2:00 AM

Okay folks! Things got serious this week when a new shop opened at my local shopping complex right next to my house. I do all of my shopping there every few days and now they have opened up a tiny Vietnamese Place. Which means that I can now go and get tofu Banh Mi's (vietnamese rolls) so much more frequently!! Excitement overload!

Here is the first one I purchased the other day. It was YUM! and my husband and I were the very first customers and we will be regulars for sure. 

I also work at the complex so I now have access to glorious food ALL the time! Double excitement. Basically my life is made. I find it hard to find vegetarian options locally (there is a lot closer to the the city) unless it is just a salad so you can understand how happy this makes me. I now how variety at work with Sushi, Vietnamese rolls and salads :D Yay!

Breakfast the last couple of days has just been oatmeal or toast. Nothing too exciting but more exciting things will come up again soon. I am trying out some recipes.

Dinner has been pretty basic as well. We haven't been major food shopping for a few days so we have just been having whatever is in the house. Using the pasta's etc. I will be shopping again soon which will mean more fancier foods again.

Not every day has to be full of fancy foods. I have been snacking on plenty of fruits. Yesterday I ate almost half a watermelon. I just love watermelon.

Apart from food, my wellness adventure has been  going well. Part of my wellness plan is to spend more time with friends and family which has been going really well now that I am planning my time more wisely and realising what is important to me.

The girls and I had a fun night out with a a cinema date to go and see 'Don't Breathe'. I was pretty keen to watch this movie because I love horror movies. But this movie wasn't really scary it was more sick and twisted. Picking it wasn't the best decision I have ever made but it was worth it for the giggles that us girls had and the horror on our faces at some of the twisted storyline.

I definitely wouldn't say that it was a masterpiece or anything. But it is good for a squirm or if you really like watching how twisted people can be. I don't know who comes up with these storylines that's for sure.

Next on our list of movies to watch is definitely the new Blair Witch movie. I'll let you know how that one goes too :P

I'm starting to go to bed every night and think of 5 things to be grateful for in my day. It is really helping me to relive my day especially when it seems like it has been stressful or not the best experiences. Being able to look back through and find those 5 things of gratitude that totally outweigh the negative is so good! Especially at night time because you can sleep knowing that it wasn't that bad and that tomorrow is a new start. I find that it makes me wake up so much more refreshed.

I thought I might start sharing my 5 daily gratitudes with you all as part of my blog posts. So here goes...........

Today I am grateful for: 

  1. My girlfriends who provided so many giggles
  2. The new Vietnamese place 
  3. The memories that music can hold and create
  4.  Having clothes to keep me warm
  5. My husband for keeping me sane and happy
Stay Happy & Healthy
Liane Xx

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