Clean F Word Challenge Day Two

3:09 AM

Oh my! Today was a glorious day. Day two of my thirty day challenge was just B-E-A-utiful!!!
It was a gorgeous 25 degrees in Adelaide and the sun was shining brightly. I managed to get outside and enjoy the garden. My husband and I got out in the front yard and got some much needed weeding done and then I enjoyed some sunshine in the back yard with a yummy glass of apple juice and my crossword book. It was so cute watching our two cats playing around and chasing little bugs.

Spring is my second favourite season (Autumn is my favourite) minus the crazy magpies that feel the need to attack when you are taking a stroll or riding a bike. But I absolutely adore all the gorgeous flowers that are blossoming at the moment. They always make me smile.

I did find some of my favourite clothes from our Bali holiday last year which always makes me comfortable and always give me the feeling of freedom and relaxation. A perfect addition to my relaxing day. 

Now on to the food of the day! Which I know you are all keen to see. Day two's food was just as exciting as day one and as always was easy peasy to put together.

I woke up and made a yummy batch of oats with almond milk and cinnamon. Topped with fresh blueberries and chopped banana. It is that simple. It takes me about 5 - 10 minutes.
I used to eat the quick oat sachets for quick morning go-to (pre packaged crap) but since starting this challenge I have really been reading ingredient labels and one of the ingredients I didn't know very well on the label was Maltodextrin. I decided to do some research on this ingredient because I have seen the name an awful lot on products I buy.
I found this article really interesting. If you don't know a lot about Maltodextrin, have a read. I will certainly be looking out for it more now. Making my own oats, using organic oats is so much healthier and so quick it's worth it.

Mid Morning Snack:
Most of you would have seen this in my other blog posts but I always buy half a watermelon, rockmelon, papaya or whole pineapples and chop them up the day I bring them home ready to eat for the week. Today I snacked on a big bowl of watermelon! Yum!

Ahhhh today's dish of the day!
I was super impressed with my lunch today. I had some hokkien noodles and just boiled them until soft. I chopped up some spring onions and some seaweed sheets (something I learned from The Edgy Veg on Youtube - check out her vlogs! AMAZING) and then I whipped up a quick noodle sauce which consisted of:
- Chilli Sauce
- Sesame Oil
- Garlic Powder
- Honey
- Salt & Pepper
- Soy Sauce
I would like to try and make my own chilli sauce because the one we had in the fridge has way too much sugar in it and I think I could reinvent it with a little experimenting for a healthier version.
Anyway the dish was SO yum and we topped it with an egg and some fried onions. Delish. It took just as much time as making the packet migoreng noodles but there was no extra nasties.

After School Snack: More chopped up fruit from the fridge

Dinner: Ok guys. Here I have to tell you my horrible secret which I feel really bad about.
We got caught up in an op shopping adventure that went for a 'little' bit longer than we planned. So we then realised that the homemade pizza bases we were going to cook wouldn't be ready on time for the kids soooooo on the way home we picked up pizzas from a little local pizza shop.

Day two and I already stuffed up! But it's okay. I learned from the mistake because I no longer felt good afterwards. My body didn't like it all! This is progress as I think my body is really telling me what it needs and I won't bully myself about it any longer. Things happen and at least I am learning.

Today I learned that if my body wants to feel it's best I need to fuel it with more delicious whole clean foods. Bring on a new day and another chance to succeed. Hopefully by the end of my challenge I will have gained more lessons and be better equipped to live a clean lifestyle.

Stay Happy & Healthy
Liane Xx 

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