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Another week has flown by, I just can't believe how fast 2016 is flying by. This year has been totally crazy for me but i'm still feeling pumped about my health. My vegan lifestyle is still going strong and I couldn't be prouder. Now I just have to work on my exercise routine and i'll be satisfied completely. 

As far as my exercise goes I have slackened off a lot. I really want to get into it but with my everyday job I just can't seem to find the time. I know that sounds lame and it's just an excuse but I am working on it and hopefully I can work some sort of routine that will work for me. 

Today I thought I would share with you what I have been eating this week. This morning my husband and I decided to grab a cafe breakfast after we dropped the kids off at school. It was so good to be able to get out the house and have breakfast together before we both headed off to work (we both started later today). We went down to the Palace Espresso Bar at Southgate Plaza and I was a little worried about finding something vegan to eat but it was really easy. They have a super yummy vego brekkie which I chose and I just asked the girls there if we could have it with no eggs or butter. I then replaced the egg with a hash brown because I wanted to treat my outing as a special treat meal. 

The meal was AMAZING!!!! I don't know what the chef did to the mushrooms but they tasted DIVINE!

For meal prep this week I made a huge vegan lasagne which will keep us fed for a couple of lunches and dinners. Lasagne is one of my favourite things to prep because it is so easy and you can change it up all the time with different veggies. This week I made one based on a recipe I found on Pinterest. You can find the recipe here: http://www.veganricha.com/2015/06/vegan-veggie-lasagna-for-2.html

The recipe is fantastic and you can add heaps more veggies with the mushrooms like zuchinni, capsicum etc. What makes the lasagne so tasty is definitely the Tofu 'Ricotta'. Oh my gosh........please give it a try you won't regret it. I also tried out San Remo's wholemeal lasagne sheets which were really nice.
Some other yummy goodies that have been made in my kitchen this week include a yummy Peanut Satay Tofu + Veg on pasta. I used a vegan satay sauce that I found at Coles supermarket called Yackandandah thai satay simmer sauce. This had to be the easiest meal of the week! 

My husband made us a vegan pizza to share one night because the kids were away and we were having a movie night. He did an awesome job topping the pizza with all our leftover items like mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, fresh pineapple, spinach, onion and capsicum. We also used a vegan pineapple salsa that I found at the Everything Vegan store on Goodwood Rd for the base sauce. YUM! 

To go with my cups of tea this week I grabbed a packet of vegan and gluten free gingernut cookies that I found in Coles for about $3 a packet. These were delicious and having these as my sweet treat with my tea just kept me satisfied. (my crazy sugar and chocolate cravings are slowly disappearing YAY)

Finally I threw together some sweet potato and corn fritters.......I am working on the recipe as I had a few issues with them but once the recipe is perfected I will share it with you all so please stay tuned! 

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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