Motivational Monday - How a plant based diet has changed my life

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For almost a year now I have been on a huge mission to live a healthier lifestyle. For the last year I was doing fairly well but I was never completely satisfied with the results. I was eating a lot better and I was proud of the changes I had made but I wasn't completely happy with the results on my body.

In December 2015 after reading a few books and seeing other people's journeys with healthy living I decided to attempt to go dairy free. My main reasons for this were that I was getting very bad migraines with my monthly cycle which would lead to me vomiting, shaking and being bed ridden for at least 24 hours. I was always tired and just generally didn't feel satisfied within myself. After a couple of weeks I started to feel a bit better, I was less bloated and I had more energy but I managed to get one of my bad migraines again with my cycle. It was the very next day after my migraine struggle that I decided to go completely vegan and a month later I had NO migraine.........the first time in almost 3 years.

I am feeling superb!!

Going vegan has really changed my life, I have so much more energy, my skin is glowing and I just generally feel happier.  The fact that I didn't get my monthly migraine was a HUGE wake up call for me. It made me realise that the foods we put into our bodies have such a massive impact on our health. I am only just starting on my vegan journey so I have lots to learn and share but so far so good in my little world! I am also looking into some courses in Nutrition to learn even more about how our bodies work with food.

A year ago my body was really suffering. I was drinking so much coffee (7 cups anyone?) and not eating breakfast or lunch. I was snacking on bad foods ALL day like chocolates, chips and more but not eating proper meals. Now I am eating 6 meals a day. I start most of my mornings with either a bowl of my homemade muesli or a fruit and veg crammed smoothie. This is followed by some more fruit mid afternoon and, wait for single cup of coffee for the day. I have been making some amazing lunches to take to work which some of you may have seen on here (I promise to share much more recipes with you this year) and after lunch I usually have some dried fruit and nut mix that I put together myself or sometimes some veg. Dinner is generally something a bit more bulkier like a pasta or rice dish (we have started on the gluten free pastas now and brown rices) and I have my cup of tea before bed such as peppermint, chamomile or ginger.

I am always mixing things up in the kitchen now, my life is full of so much variety with foods it is amazing and it is so much easier to find things to eat. I used to think being vegan would be hard but I assure you it is not and I hardly miss meat and dairy now. Obviously I am only at the beginning of my journey but we will see how it progresses.

When I started my Clean F Word blog my purpose was to share my journey to living a healthy lifestyle with as many people as possible so that maybe one day I could inspire others to stop eating processed foods and focus on real clean foods. So far I have been loving that part of my life, I love writing and I love sharing my ideas with you all. I don't think many people read my blogs but I am hoping to work harder this year to get my blog pumping just a little bit more. I also have a couple of HUGE ideas for the Clean F Word this year, one of which is starting a YouTube channel and the other one is just a little too big to share with you all just yet.............So if you are reading this please stick around longer because there is lots to come and I would love for you to be involved in the journey.

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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