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5:23 PM

I have seen What I Ate Wednesday's being used on lots of blogs and vlogs lately so I thought I would give it a go on mine. I think people find these posts so interesting because 1. it's fun to be nosey sometimes 2. it gives us ideas of what to eat and 3. we have this urge to find out what other people, especially fitness bloggers or nutrion bloggers are eating all day.

Because I like nutritious and fresh foods and I like to be healthy I thought I would share with you what I eat on Wednesday's because I am a busy working Mum and I do think that feeding yourself and your family healthy foods is one of the most important parts of the day. So I will not only be sharing what I eat in these posts but sometimes I will share what my kids are eating for school lunches etc.

My new job means I now work full time and about 42 hours a week I now take my lunch to work much more often which has been a slight change but still easy to prep for. I do some prep work on Sunday's for snacks and I always make sure that before I go to bed I do a last minute prep of what I need to take with me the next morning. My number 1 priority is to fill my large water bottle and bang that in the fridge so it's nice and cold to take to work.

Here is what I ate for my day:

I had my homemade muesli with almond milk for breakfast. 
Small tub of grapes and strawberries for mid morning snack. 
Wild rice with chopped veg (sweet corn, capsicum, cucumber and mixed tomatoes) and topped with a can of tuna for work lunch. 
Boiled egg for afternoon snack.
Dinner was Crispy Tofu Tacos. 

P.s I got zelda socks this week.......just thought I'd share them and one of my little kitties, Matilda who loved my socks too :p 

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx 

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