Losing Track and Finding it Again!

10:43 PM

Ok so this week was not one of my best weeks but I managed to get back on track.

When it gets to "that time of the month" my whole body just kind of dies inside and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and eat junk food ALL day long!! This kind of thing doesn't really go well with the whole eating healthy and nutritious plan I have going on.

I wanted to share this delay I had with you all because I want to make sure that I share with you the real me at all times, because this is what my whole blog is supposed to be about. I want to make sure that I always stay true to you all and share with you all of my ups and downs because that is what life is full of and I want to give you an idea of my real life not just all the ups I have.

So this week I went to junk food central town! I wanted chocolate, chips, coke the whole deal and it made me feel fantastic for two days but then I crashed HARD. I was tired, I felt like crap, I had headaches and I was just plain flat. I know that during that time of month you generally feel like this but for me I knew that the junk foods were making it even worse. Now I am back on track again and eating healthier again and all my energy is flowing back. I don't mind having some treat foods occassionally but I think during that time of the month I  really need to keep up my healthy eating no matter what! So my plan for next month is to not give up and stick to my healthy foods. I can still have my bag of maltesers if I really want a treat BUT I need to keep my regular eating up as well. That was my biggest downfall. I was not eating breakfast for a couple of days because I just couldn't be bothered and I was eating junk food ALL day for 2 days. My body just hated me for it.

So just keep in mind that sometimes your body deserves a break and deserves little treats especially when you are feeling sad or low but make sure you keep up with what makes your body healthy and happy as well because during this time especially you really need that extra boost of healthiness and happiness.

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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