Motivational Monday - Just Do It

2:35 AM

Happy Motivational Monday :) 

Today was the first day of my Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and I was very excited until I was about half way through the workout and wanted to kill Michelle Bridges for what she was making me do haha but then she reminded me in the workout video that I signed up for this because I wanted to change and I wanted to get fit. I got through that workout and I felt so good afterwards. I DID IT! (The program is amazing so far peeps and I highly recommend checking it out) 

Whenever I work out and eat healthy foods my body feels amazing. Sure it is hard work and getting up to exercise sometimes sucks BUT it will keep you happy and healthy for a longer life. 

I want to motivate you to make a change today. To get up and make the most of your day by spreading love, doing some form of exercise and getting your kitchen on the right track to a healthier lifestyle! Trust me you will love yourself for it. You don't have to make huge changes just take some small steps at a time and.........

Stay Happy and Healthy 
Liane Xx 

P.s let me know if you make any changes and how they make you feel! 

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