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Living the healthier life has actually been SO much fun. I'm not even kidding it is the absolute best. I haven't been doing it long but from what I have been learning, exploring and eating life has just changed so much for me. I haven't even completely changed everything yet. Just a few subtle changes have made a huge difference to me physically and emotionally.

I now try and shop mostly at fresh produce markets. The vibe is amazing compared to your everyday supermarket. Everyone is smiling, everyone knows about the products they are selling and where it came from and in most cases it is cheaper. Especially for fruit and veg. In Adelaide the last few weeks I have shopped at the Adelaide Central Markets, Market Shed on Holland and Willunga Farmers Markets. I find that the Central Markets are the cheapest and the biggest out of the three but there are just way too many fruit and veg shops to choose from so the shops get repetitive. I do absolutely love this market though. There is plenty  to choose from and you can spend quite a while there shopping, having breakfast or lunch and enjoying yummy coffee or a fresh made juice.

My Shopping from today @ the Adelaide Central Market

Market Shed on Holland is a gorgeous little market for organic and vegan foods. It is smaller than Central Markets but I love the atmosphere and it is a great way to spend a Sunday. There is normally a musician playing out the front to entertain. The bike juice blending idea is just plain cool and the vegan and organic foods are just damn well amazeballs!! They are a bit on the dearer side but when you realise how much time and effort goes into making them and keeping up a stall you don't mind paying the price. I don't go every Sunday it is more of a treat market for us but if I was a bit richer I would probably spend every Sunday there eating everything and anything! I do like getting my bulk seeds, nuts and flours from here though. Great prices and great products!

Willunga Farmer's Markets I don't get to as often as it is a bit out of the way for me. But I do love strolling through them even if I don't need anything. It's all outdoors so walking around in the sunshine and just perusing the markets and talking to stall holders is enough. Jams and Fruits are my favourites to grab from this market and they have some great prices.

I have spent so many years shopping in places like Coles and Woolworths for simplicity but in all honesty I believe the best fresh products are from the markets. If I need things like seeds, nuts and grains and I can't get down to the markets I usually pop down to Suntralis at Lonsdale. They have good pricing and I can walk around with my little plastic bags and grab as little or as much as I need. I love this because if you go to Coles and you only need a handful of slivered almonds for a meal you have to buy a whole bag but at Suntralis you can just grab that handful. I then come home and store everything in plastic containers with labels (More on that in a later post).

I have also been trying to use more natural products on my skin and more natural products to help with illnesses instead of just jumping for the panadol or other medications.

When I have a cold I always go for the good old Hot Honey and Lemon tea. If i'm really sick I will have some medication too but I try my best to just run on the tea to get me through and for the most part it works wonders. I manage to get through most colds with no damage and none of these cold and flu capsules etc. Even for headaches etc I try and get through without medication unless it is truly severe. I think I have only taken panadol once this year. The majority of the time most common illnesses can be cured just as well by rest and a cup of tea. I'm not a doctor so please don't use what I say as facts or anything like that. I'm just letting you know what works for me and I personally don't like using pharmaceuticals unless it is the last resort.

Since I was born I have always had really bad eczema. some washing powders set it off or some soaps but majority of the time it is just the weather changes. My eczema/psoriasis comes in the form of tiny blisters that form a cluster and are quite painful. I have spent years trying all sorts of medication, prescription creams and ointments but nothing has worked. Last month I had a bad bout of it again and somebody from work told me to head on down to the health store and buy a brand called MooGoo. I used this cream for two days and the itching was more manageable. Another two days later and my eczema was pretty much gone. I was amazed. MooGoo is made from more natural products and it has no hidden ingredients. They state absolutely everything on the back of the bottle which I love. I definitely recommend giving it a go if you have skin problems. The cream I used was the MooGoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream but they also have everyday moisturisers, soothing creams and much more.

You can head to their website here if you are interested in learning more about their range of products:

My beauty products are slowly building to more natural as well. I have been using a new moisturiser called........wait for it! COCONUT OIL!! Oh my gosh this stuff kicks ass!! I use it on my hair to give it a glow, I use it as a daily moisturiser after getting out of the shower and I have a second jar in the kitchen that I use for cooking :D This stuff is da bomb! I did find a good tub of moisturiser at the supermarket called Little Bird - Organic Coconut Moisturising Butter and it is amazing!! I find it easier and nicer to put on my skin after a shower and the tub it comes in is nice and cute. Which means you can carry it around with you in your handbag. I take it everywhere with me.

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

*some images are not mine and are found on google. I am not paid for any advertising and everything on my blog is written for my own hobby only*

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