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This week I have decided to focus on getting some decluttering happening in my household. Now that I am working full time it is getting that little bit harder to keep up with the housework and my main problem is that we have so much 'stuff'. I find it hard to get rid of things but over the last year I have realised that what we accumulate in our homes is mostly just 'stuff' we don't need or even use.

I am one of the worst in our home for collecting things. I have always been a collector and I need to stop. Not only is it throwing away my hard earned money but it's also just a big massivecollection of assorted crap that once I have collected I never look at again.


I am back to cruising around the good old Pinterest page and I have been 'researching' clever ideas and hacks to keeping an organised home. I thought I would share a few good reads with you today for Motivational Monday so that maybe if you are having similar  hoarding  affections of silly items, you too can join in with me on getting our lives back to order.

A great read from The Decorista. I love the idea of a 30 day plan! This was one of my favourite reads.

30 days to DOMESTIC BLISS: I want to do this! She even made a printable calendar.:

 This great read from Maison de Pax is really cool because it doesn't tell you how to declutter but offers tips on how to keep a clutter free home.

 For a more thorough guide to organising your home, room by room I found this blog post from House Mix super interesting and helpful.

And in keeping with the nutrition side of things here are some clever tips from Vintage News Junkie on how to keep your fridge organised.

 Great tips for getting your fridge organized!:
I will keep you all updated on my progress as I go room by room. I know my blog is intended for health and nutrition but I truly believe that an organised home will lead me to being a happier and less stressed person which will play a big part in my health and wellbeing.

Let me know your tips and tricks in keeping a clutter free organised home in the comments!

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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