Me Time is the Best Time

7:05 PM

As most of you know I have recently changed careers to start a hairdressing apprenticeship and I am now working a lot more hours than I was before in the cafe. My new career has made me a lot happier as I feel that I now have more stability in my life and I feel like I can now help my husband in supporting our family.

The change has improved my mood and general health I believe because I am less stressed out all the time. However with the longer hours and fewer days off it is really important that I spend some of my time on looking after myself and having quality ME time! Now that my husband also works harder and longer hours it means that I have to try and balance my life with family time, husband time and me time and I have that quite difficult.

The last few weeks I have managed to get into a little routine. Wednesday has now become my special day to myself and I now have one Sunday as a family day and one Sunday as Date day with my hubby. So far things are getting better and I feel like i'm finally getting used to the new routine.

I believe that everyday needs at least one day where they can not just relax but also just to sit back and have your own thoughts, your own down time to mull over what has happened in your week or life, time to treat yourself or just time to do something you enjoy without having any pressures from anyone. My Wednesday I only get until 3pm to myself but it is the perfect amount of time to unwind.

On a Wednesday I generally drop the kids off at school, grab a coffee from my old work girls and say hello and then do my weekly food shop. The rest of the afternoon is spent either treating myself to getting my nails done, maybe shopping for myself, watching a movie, writing, reading or maybe even doing some baking or sewing. I get to sit in my own silence and just think. Lots of planning comes from a Wednesday and we all know how much I love to plan.

Today I have spent my afternoon reading and writing and coming up with a new exercise routine because my current one is not working out for me at the moment. I am also doing some meal prep for the rest of the week.

I just want to encourage you all to take some time out for yourself once a week. For some of you with younger kids I know from experience that this can be hard so even if you can just try and get an hour or two to yourself a week or maybe once a fortnight spend a day to just relax. I highly recommend it for your own health and sanity. It really is needed. You can't have the energy to be there for others if you haven't put some energy into yourself first. 

What do you like to do as part of your 'me' time?

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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