Vegan Beach House Holiday

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The weekend before Christmas we decided to have a last minute mini getaway. It was absolutely perfect! My husband and I joined some friends and headed down to a beach shack at Myponga Beach.

If you haven't heard of this place before, it is incredible. I absolutely loved it. Myponga Beach was only about 45 minute drive from my house BUT it felt like I was miles and miles away. It is such a secluded little spot and the shack we had was right on the beach. It was so cute and tranquil.

Because I am doing my 365 vegan smoothie challenge I of course packed a smoothie for the road and I threw my blender in the car for the weekend. It was SO good. I thought it would be annoying to lug around but it actually wasnt that bad and I just threw my weekends worth of smoothie ingredients into a cooler bag. Easy Peasy! No excuses for this challenge.

I really enjoyed the drive and even managed to stop and pat some cows :) they were so adorabubble!

Hubby and I stopped to pick up some vegan foods to go with the barbeque our friends were cooking up. People are always suprised with the foods we bring along to parties etc. They always end up loving them. I found this yummy Moroccan couscous salad in the Yankalilla Foodland. It was perfect for a barbeque side dish. I also grabbed some vegan schnitzels and cooked them on the barbeque. We used the schnitzels to make tropical burgers with grilled pineapple, tomato and lettuce.

On the Saturday the boys headed out for their usual big Saturday morning ride. While us girls headed out for a look at the Yankalila secondhand book store and the Yankalilla bakery.......

Okay let's have a real serious conversation about the Yankalilla Bakery guys.....I have never been so excited after setting foot in a bakery. Basically my girlfriend suggested the bakery because she has been there before and said not only was it amazing but she was pretty sure they had vegan pie options. I am always happy to try something new so we headed there for lunch.

Once I set foot in there I was in heaven. Vegan pies, pasties and sausage rolls were not the only options! They also had vegan cakes AND vegan DONUTS!!! Of course I had to try one of them.........

 The result was a very happy me :D The donut was incredible. It tasted even better than your everyday chocolate donut. I will definitely be visiting this bakery again. I also tried their vegan sausage roll which was devine. 

While we were stuffing our faces and browsing the book store, the boys had a great time cycling. Here is a sneak peek of where they rode. Starting and finishing at Myponga they managed 115 kms with 1715m of elevation. 

I'm pretty proud of the boys efforts. They always ride on Saturdays together and a few rides during the week as well. I am actually thinking of getting a bike for myself next year and learning how to ride properly. Let's see what happens in the New Year!

Stay Happy & Healthy
Liane Xx

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