First Month of 365 smoothies

8:25 PM

My first month of smoothies has been an awesome adventure. I have not missed a day which is actually really impressive for me. Whenever I have started a challenge in the past I usually don't last more than 2 weeks before I just slip and don't get back on track. 

I am very proud of myself so far and I am actually having so much fun with it. There have been one or two smoothies that I haven't liked but thats okay. It is all about giving it a go, learning about new ingredients and getting some much needed nutrients into my body everyday. 

For Christmas my amazing husband suprised me with a Nutri Ninja which has made the whole challenge even more exciting. My husband shares the smoothies with me everyday which makes it even more fun. I will do a review post for the Nutri Ninja soon. 

Here is just a few of the photos from my challenge, hope you enjoy and if you want to follow along with all my smoothie pictures you can follow my hashtag on instagram #cleanfword365

Stay Happy & Healthy 
Liane Xx

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