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I have been on this earth for 29 years now and the majority of those years were spent eating whatever was around at the time, not reading labels, not thinking about the story behind the food and not worrying about my body because my body seemed fine. I have always been a very skinny person no matter if I spend all week eating Mcdonald's or not. So I just ate what I wanted and never exercised because I never put on weight.

When I was in my early twenties I started worrying about how my body looked. I didn't want to just be skinny anymore, I wanted to be fit and I wanted to have some shape and some muscle. I didn't have much knowledge behind me so my first instinct was to go to the gym and try and eat better. However being the skinny person I was, when I told my friends and family that I was going to the gym and not eating anymore junk all I received in return were disgusted looks or disapproving words. They would ask "Why do you need the gym you're not fat?" or "What do you need salad for?? You're so skinny you need to get some more meat on those bones". These negative comments and the weird looks I received just made me feel ridiculous for doing what I was trying to achieve and I just gave up completely.

The last few years I have noticed that yes I am a skinny person but I am not fit or healthy whatsoever.

  •  I get terrible migraines that make me lay in bed for days wanting to throw up.
  •  I get completely out of breath running down the cul de sac.
  •  I read a chapter of a book to my child at night and I run out of breath. 
  •  My immune system seems to have just given up on me as I catch every single cold or virus that goes around.
  • I get a really annoying form of psoriasis/eczema
  •  I had a bad bad coffee addiction where I would drink 6 - 7 coffee's a day and not drink anyything else.
  •  I also would never eat breakfast and somedays would just skip lunch as well.

In the last few months I have changed all my bad habits and started eating not only breakfast, lunch and dinner but making healthy clean food choices. I have been doing small efforts at exercise and I have cut my coffee consumption down to 1 cup a day. These few changes have made a huge difference in my health. I feel more energized and happier. I also have a wonderful husband who doesn't judge me and is also interested in keeping fit and healthy which has made a big impact in my life changes. There are also lots of positive people in my life now who don't think i'm crazy for wanting to eat a bowl of chia seed pudding for breakfast instead of a Macca's muffin.

 This is why I have created The Clean F Word. If I can make these small changes and already feel better, imagine what my health and body would be like if I really educate myself and live a full healthy lifestyle?? I have recently joined the gym and have been teaching myself to cook better homemade meals as well as discovering new recipes to stick in the school lunchboxes for the kids.

I will be researching nutrition over the next few years so that I can hopefully become a qualified nutritionist and I would also like to go travelling, to meet new people and discover new ideas and lifestyles so that I can become the healthiest I can be and so that I can pass knowledge on to other families. This blog is my way of sharing my journey with you all through motivation, recipes, knowledge and just plain fun.

I believe that this blog will also become my own motivation, like having friends to cheer you on. Obviously this is only the beginning so things are still new and slow progress but I hope that you will all stick around and come on the journey with me.

Stay Happy & Healthy
Liane Xx

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