(Motivational Monday) - surviving the "dreaded" Monday!

12:01 AM

Good Morning World

Okay, I know it is Monday and most of you are probably hating that fact right now BUT here is where I tell you that Monday's are just like any other day. In all honesty they are one of my absolute favourite days of the week. I have never been an "I Hate Monday's" kind of person.

Monday's are the start of a new week, the start of new beginnings and in my little world they are the most organised day of my week. I always make sure that on the weekends everything is ready for the week ahead. I organise all the washing and I make sure everyone has what they need for school lunches etc. Sometimes I even spend the weekend meal prepping (a future post for you all). So when I wake up on Monday morning I feel like my week is ready to begin and I am all geared up to get myself through it.
 My plan to survive the day and week is to do just that.......get up and survive. You just have to get through whatever you need to do and just do it with a smile. Sure sometimes things are going to go wrong or you are going to wake up and things might just not be happening for you BUT just ride through it, tomorrow is always another day. 

So don't dread Monday's peeps! It's just another day to live your life and make the most of it! Spend your Monday's with a smile and share that smile with the world. Let's get rid of this "I Hate Monday's" nonsense. Get up everyday with a smile, a mission and a purpose.

Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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