Foods I Don't Enjoy

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When I write my blog posts I am usually always talking about all of the foods that I love or delicious recipes that I have made. However as much as I love foods and sharing such positive posts with you all, behind the scenes there are many foods that I don't like.

I experiment with foods all the time and I am always up for trying something different and there are some flavours that my tastebuds just can't handle. I'm sure that you get this all the time as well and I find it so interesting hearing what other people can't stand. Especially when you love something so much and then somebody turns around and tells you that they find it disgusting.

For a little bit of a different style post today I thought I would share with you all the foods I don't like eating. There isn't a whole lot because most foods I love and if I don't like them I have found ways to cook them differently and ended up liking them, for example I always hated Kale but then I made a yummy chickpea smash for a sandwich which has Kale all through it and I don't mind it. I also add it to smoothies all the time.

However, there are just some foods that I refuse to touch and have never been able to enjoy:

Fennel/licorice - I have always hated the taste and smell of licorice to the extent that the smell makes me gag a little. I have tried Fennel in a few dishes like roast dinners etc and it reminds me of licorice so much that I just can't handle the taste even if it is just a hint.

Horseradish - I had a recipe once that called for horseradish in a burger. I don't know if I used too much but it was absolutely horrid and whenever I see horseradish in a dish I just run a mile.

Green Beans - If there are green beans on my plate I will try and eat them but I don't usually purposely buy them or put them on my plate. I think it might be the texture of them but i'm just not a huge fan. I do however love sugar snap peas and occasionally snow peas if cooked right.

Grapefruit - Another one I have never liked. I enjoy grapefruit flavoured drinks if mixed with other fruits however grapefruit on it's own is a big no no for me.

Macadamia Milk - Macadamia Milk seems to be the latest trend in Non Dairy Milk options. I really love my Soy, Almond and Coconut Milks but Macadamia Milk I can never seem to drink on it's own. It is fine in a smoothie but not so appealing to me with my oats or with my tea etc.

Coconut Water - Coconut water is a pet hate of mine. I just can't drink it out the bottle. I find it really horrid. I love my coconut milk in my oats and I generally don't mind the taste of normal coconut flavoured things BUT a bottle of coconut water makes me shiver. I do however believe it is really good for you and I do add it to my smoothies or juices sometimes.

Do YOU have some food items that you just can't stomach?? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Happy & Healthy
Liane Xx

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