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4:15 AM

Today I thought I would share something a little different with you because today was actually a public holiday here and I actually had the day off with no errands etc to run and the kids were away so it was half a day to myself and the other half with my Husband. I know this doesn't sound that exciting but it is very rare that we both have the same day off so it is pretty exciting to me. 

6:30am: My alarm goes off every morning about this time unless I am opening up at my workplace in which case it goes off at 5:30. Because I had nothing planned for today I hit snooze and slept in for just over half an hour. YAY! Hubby got ready for his big bike ride with his mates while I snuggled under the blanket and caught up on some youtube subsciptions on my phone. 

7:45am: I managed to get out of bed despite the absolute freezing cold. I quickly grabbed my dressing gown and turned on the heater before heading into the kitchen. Usually I have eaten by now but because I was so comfy in bed I left it a little late. I grab a banana and make myself a quick cup of T2 Creme Brulee tea for the sole purpose of warming my frozen bones. While i'm drinking my tea I catch up on more Youtube and check my emails.

8:40am I am dressed and ready to hit the gym. The gym is a new adventure for me. I only joined last week and I am really getting into it which is a first for me. I'm super keen to get fit and of course eat healthy which is what this blog is all about. The gym is only a five minute drive so I am there in no time. There is actually more people there than I thought there would be on a public holiday but I manage to grab a spin bike and get warmed up. I focus on working out my legs today because I did a big arm workout yesterday. I'm actually quite proud of my efforts today and I finish the workout with a 20 minute treadmill walk while secretly catching up on Restaurant Impossible on the treadmill screen.

9:45am: I am all worked out and ready to head home again. By now I am super hungry and ready for a decent breakfast. Let's just say that today's breakfast is AMAZING. I devoured the whole lot which is big for me because I used to just eat 1 slice of toast and be full or just skip breakfast entirely. Since becoming vegan I have been eating more and feeling fantastic. For breakfast I just grab a whole Papaya and slice it in half, scoop the seeds out and fill it with a whole chopped banana, some grapes and some watermelon and then top that baby with some yummy coconut yoghurt and a drizzle of agave nectar. Droooooool!!! 

10am: I check Facebook and get ready for my day. Today I just threw on some dark jeans a grey and white striped top and a grey cardigan. Just nice and casual. Then I spend time on housework and organising.

12pm: Hubby gets home from his ride and we organise a yummy lunch. We can't decide between a sandwich or a toasted sandwich so in the end we just make some toast up and top it with amazing goodness. One slice has hommus, spinach, grated carrot, medley tomatoes, avocado and pepper. The other slice is topped with mustard pickle, vegan cheese, cucumber and medley tomatoes. We didn't have any idea what we were doing we just topped them with whatever we had and the combinations were awesome! 

The rest of the afternoon we just watch some television and even play some SkipBo and Trivial Pursuit board games. Such a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

For a mid arvo snack we just munch on some vegan crispbreads topped with peanut butter and banana, vegan sour cream, banana and cinnamon and finally just hommus and avocado. yum yum! We also warm up with a cup of coffee each.

3:30pm After playing trivial pursuit and getting a question involving the film The Great Escape, I decide that we should watch the film as we have it on DVD so we snuggle up on the couch and watch that.

5:30pm Hubby warms up some leftovers for dinner. Last night we roasted up a whole bunch of veg and also a Vegie Roast that we found in Coles. It is one of my favourite dishes. It tastes so good and if you add some gravy or sauce you wouldn't even notice that meat is missing from your plate.

The rest of my night has just been blog writing and housework. I also organised and packed my lunch for tomorrow. I am just having a marinated tofu and salad sandwich and taking a tub of fruit that I pre-chopped.

overall today has been a nice day off. I was able to get some housework sorted without rushing or feeling stressed and I managed to fit in some quality time with my husband as well as blog. What more could I ask for??

I am thinking of doing some more and better 'what I eat in a day posts' so stay tuned.

I hope you all enjoyed the read and got some foodie ideas.
Stay Happy and Healthy
Liane Xx

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